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Help Needed To Rebuild Haiti Communitere Workshop

Bahamas Habitat Calls for Support of Haiti Partner
Fire Destroys Vital Community Resource Center

Haiti Communitere, formally Grassroots United is an organization with deep roots in the local Haitian community and the international aid community. Bahamas Habitat has a strong history with Haiti Communitere in times of disaster response and long-term development. Bahamas Habitat aids in providing transportation for supplies the organization needs in order to function.  Please read Haiti Communitere's press release found at the conclusion of this message to learn about the fire that happened on the evening of  May 3rd, 2012.  

We feel this tragedy deeply. Much of what we came together to transport for the last three years was trapped in this fire in addition to much more that came from other organizations - medicine, tools, training devices, emergency supplies, etc. The workshop is depended upon daily by the local community.  We believe in the goals this organization strives to realize and want to be of help now in their time of need.

Pilots - take the list that Haiti Communitere compiled to replenish the resource center to your local community and ask them to fill your plane.  Before going to Home Depot, look in your garages and sheds first, give only what you would give as a gift, not discards.  View Home Depot online (log in with email address: info@haiti.communitere.org and password: haitifire; once logged in click on “My List” button on right-hand side). Donations purchased here will be shipped to KFXE and flown to Haiti when there is support to do so.  Take care by paying attention to what is wished as we need to always take cues from those with whom we are serving, the community to whom this is given.  Notify us by EMAIL that you are delivering the supplies to Port au Prince and a crew will be able to meet you and unload the supplies. If you can fly your supplies only to KFXE that is still very helpful...let us know.

Non-Pilots - Recruit a pilot, organize those in your community to fill their plane with the instruction given above or, go to Haiti Communitere's Wishlist through Home Depot and purchase supplies we can deliver (log in with email address: info@haiti.communitere.org and password: haitifire; once logged in click on “My List” button on right-hand side).  
These donations will be shipped the address in Ft. Lauderdale.  

Banyan Air Service in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (KFXE) will be our depot center and we will direct pilots who can carry more supplies through KFXE. Our Relief Pilots will receive a discount on fuel from Banyan as they are always so kind to us in situations like this.  For now, we need you to gather supplies, fill your planes and join in the relief efforts. 

Pilots may receive a tax receipt for their use of their plane and operating costs by submitting a Trip Receipt once the flight is made.

Financial Donations are needed now for this relief flight response. We could not function without the consistent support of so many.
By Check Mail to: Bahamas Habitat, Treasurer, 103 Dumbarton Court, Cary NC 27511.

Peace be with you all,
Cameron King
Aviation and Disaster Response Coordinator
Bahamas Habitat
Skype: cameroneking
Phone: 615.804.2567 (USA)
Knoxville, Tennessee


Fire Destroys Haiti Communitere Workshop -
HC Calls for Community Support

On the afternoon of May 3, 2012 a devastating fire broke out in the Haiti Communitere workshop. Fortunately, no one was injured, and the fire was extinguished before it spread. The workshop burned to the ground, destroying over two years of collected tool donations, five 40 foot tool containers, building supplies, medical supplies, and multiple projects in progress, totaling over $175,000 USD of damage. In response, the Haiti Communitere community – local and international volunteers, neighbors, firefighters and taxi drivers – came together to contain the fire, and salvage what could be saved of the tools, lumber, medical supplies, and current projects.

Now the community is committed to rebuild, and make things better than before. Haiti Communitere’s new workshop will be rebuilt in conjunction with Haitian community members, and that is a perfect example of what we stand for – communities united.

As a Haiti Communitere board member said last night:
“The people of Cite Soleil are crushed because they were beginning to see this place [HC] as their future… they were excited waking up because they had a place to go every day. We’re going to build a better workshop… this new and better workshop will be built by a konbit [the Creole word “konbit” can be defined as a coming together of individuals in an effort towards a common goal]; we’ll be waiting for the day when HC calls it, and when that happens, the community will come.” ~Robillard ‘Robi’ Louino, HC board member and member of the Soley Leve movement

We are moved by the show of support and well wishes and are grateful for all the help to continue our work which has yielded a great foundation over the last two years.

For more information, or if you have tools available to donate please respond to the call of our partner Bahamas Habitat or contact us at info@haiti.communitere.org. Please direct US phone calls to Sam Bloch at 530-563-8076 or Haiti calls to Jimmy Levi at 509-4738-1421.

We have started an initial Wishlist through Home Depot (log in with email address: info@haiti.communitere.org and password: haitifire; once logged in click on “My List” button on right-hand side). As we send this, the first supply plane is in the air with more pilots mobilizing. We will have a detailed list of lost medical supplies available shortly. Donations can be shipped to:

Banyan Air Service
c/o Haiti Relief, Dan Torres-Bahamas Habitat
5360 NW 20th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Over two years, volunteers built Haiti Communitere into a dynamic, living showcase of ideas and collaboration, where foreign individuals and NGOs work together with Haitians on community-based projects, innovative solutions, and medical support. Haiti Communitere is still open; our conference room, computer lab, and all sustainable living solutions are unharmed.

Bahamas Habitat is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) qualified charity organization and donations are tax deductible. To donate by check send donations to Bahamas Habitat Treasurer, 103 Dumbarton Ct, Cary NC 27511. You can also donate online as well as file mission reports to obtain receipts.

Notice: Bahamas Methodist Habitat, Bahamas Habitat and the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church are not aligned, affiliated or in any way associated with Habitat for Humanity International. Participants, Volunteers and Sponsors are not authorized to reference or imply reference to Habitat for Humanity in any communications.

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