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Ever since becoming an airplane owner I've had a desire to use my new found fortune to help others.  When my Uncle Tom went to Haiti after the earthquake to work with a local church and mission there, I heard about the Bahamas Habitat group and started following their activities.  When Hurricane Irene barreled through the Bahamas in August of 2011, I finally signed up with them  to receive their mission requests. I was unavailable to help then, but in February of 2012 I finally got the chance to join them and participate in one of their Fly-In & Help Out Events.  I felt truly blessed to be able to help the wonderful Bahamian people who always make us feel at home when we visit on holidays.  I hope to go back to these events again and again as well as be ready to aid during disaster relief when the unfortunate need arises.

The Bahamas Habitat provides continuous mission related work in the Bahamas and in Haiti.  Please join us for for the next Fly In & Help Out Event.  It is a wonderful opportunity to fly to the Bahamas and join in some wonderful fellowship and humanitarian aid.

The Bahamas Habitat is always in need of various donations.  Please check out this page: Donate To The Cause .  Anything you can do will be appreciated by so many!  Thank you!

Here is a list of my blog post related to Bahamas Habitat:

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Flying To Help Others

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