Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GoPro Time Lapse Flight

I was able to get up in the Lance this morning for a little flight and decided to continue my experimenting with the GoPro camera.  This time I made a time lapse video out of stills shot every second.  So basically my 1 hour joyride is seen in about 2 minutes.

It was a nice morning and it was still relatively cool out, by Florida summer standards anyway.  I took off to the west and climbed to 4,500' and then turned north over Jacksonville International Airport.  Once I was clear of their airspace to the north I turned towards St Simons, GA and descended to about 1,000' over the coast and then turned south towards home.

Oh yeah, the autopilot was working!  Of course it was relatively calmer air today so I still think I might have a loose connection somewhere.  I'll dig deeper in two weeks during the annual inspection.  Anyway, here's the video:

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