Family Getaways

Owning a plane has given us tremendous travel opportunities.  This page is meant to help organize the posts related to our trips to some great family destinations.

NW Arkansas : Aug 2013

Catching Up, Catching Colds, & Visiting Family In NW Arkansas

Huntsville, AL : May 2013

Huntsville, Alabama

Tampa, FL : August 2012

Tampa Was Awesome......Even Though We Didn't Fly

Chattanooga, TN:  Labor Day Weekend 2011

Chattanooga - Just Getting Warmed Up!
Back In The Saddle
Chattanooga - Our First Full Day
Chattanooga - Day Two
Made It Home Safe.......Without The Plane
The Plane Is Now Home Too!

Greenville, SC:  February 2011

Greenville, SC - The Ups And Downs

Atlanta, GA: June 2009

Atlanta Trip - Day One
Atlanta Trip - Day Two
Atlanta Trip - Day Three
Atlanta Trip - Day Four
Atlanta Trip - Day Five

Key West, FL: April 2008

Key West - Our First Overnight Trip

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