Monday, December 5, 2011

Great News Today!

After pretty much being on the road for two weeks for Thanksgiving and work, I was extremely disappointed to come home and not have my medical waiting for me in the mail. I called the FAA today to plead, cry, bribe, or whatever I could to get it, but before I could do anything they told me I was cleared on December 1st and my medical was in the mail!

I also haven't seen the completed panel project since it was finished around Thanksgiving. So after work I made a quick dash out to the hangar to check it out. It looks great! I can't wait to go fly this week and check out the new layout.

Here is a list of what was done:

Upgraded the audio panel and intercom to a PMA8000BT which upgrades us to one unit with stereo and Bluetooth
Swapped the KX155 Nav 2 radio and indicator to ones with glideslope capability
Removed the Argus Moving Map and ADF receiver
Moved the Strikefinder to the pilot's side of the panel for easier viewing
Placed the Garmin 496 portable GPS in a panel dock
Installed a handheld VHF plug to access the plane's antenna with the handheld if needed
Installed a 12V power port between the rear seats for passengers
Relocated a few other minor items
The engine monitor was upgraded this summer

I'll try to get better pictures soon, but here is an initial before & after set:



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  1. Congrats, Geoff! Now, get out there and fly the heck out of that bird!


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