Friday, December 9, 2011

Back In The Air!

My medical finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I sent a text to Pete at work and we met up in the early afternoon today. After a thorough preflight we jumped in the plane for my first engine start in two months! Unfortunately my left side seat belt pulled out from below when I went to tighten it! Oh well, after five minutes it was properly reattached and we went through the start up sequence again. The engine roared to life and we taxied to RWY 5 for a VFR departure.

The run-up, VOR checks, and take-off were great and we departed to the south and eventually turned west while paying very close attention to everything since a lot of maintenance and down time have occurred since the last flight. With everything working great we proceeded on to Ocala (KOCF) for lunch.
Everything running smooth!

We had some huge,tasty burgers at the Tailwind Cafe and departed back for Craig Field. Enroute we flew over Jumbolair Aviation Estates and you could see John Travolta's house with his Boeing 707 parked in front (sorry no pic). We had a smooth flight back. The oil temps still seem to be a little higher, but the oil cooler overhaul appears to have helped a little. We'll keep an eye on it. The new audio panel worked great. I have a lot to learn about it, but so far so good. I LOVE the new panel layout. It is exactly what I wanted and put everything in a nice clean and usable presentation. Next flight will be in days, not weeks or months!

**Pete took a few pictures so when he sends them to me I will post them.

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