Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reached A Milestone - Sort Of

With my BFR and IPC complete, I had an opportunity to just go for a joy ride yesterday. I wanted to cruise a little and let the engine recover from the workout on Monday. I chose to fly up to Hazelhurst, Georgia (KAZE). I picked it because it was just far enough to enjoy level cruise flight and listen to the XM radio for a while, I had never been there before, and the fuel price was reasonable.

It was a nice 45 minute flight each way. Hazlehurst is a nice airport and the manager even met me on the ramp and fueled my plane for me. After a short stay and a Dr Pepper, I flew home. During part of the trip I flew through the shadow of contrail which due to the haze I could see it in the air and on the ground. I thought it looked pretty cool. The pictures don't show it very well.

So now the milestone. I have filled up my first log book! I thumbed through it a little to reminisce about my flying "career". My first flight was on February 27, 1996 as I started my private pilot raining in Hayward, CA. Here a few items from my log:

Soloed: March 26, 1996
Private Pilot: May 7, 1996
Instrument Rating: December 16, 2008

Total Flight Time: 468.8 hours (did not fly between June 29, 2002 and September 6, 2007)
Actual Instrument Time: 56.8 hours
Number of Landings: 727
Instrument Approaches: 150

It never ceases to amaze me how my flight activity grew exponentially once I became an airplane owner. I am blessed to have made all those adventures that are accounted for in my log book. I wonder what cool adventures will fill my new book!


  1. Congrats! Truly a gr8 milestone...

    Hmmm... 727 is a lot of landings in 468 hours! Did that include a few bounces when you were a student? ;-)

  2. Those count right? Really didn't get into cross country flights until I became an owner. Life is good!

  3. Congrats, Geoff on filling your log book. You are right... fill this one with tons of flying adventures! Mom

  4. Great blog and beautiful family and aircraft! Glad you stopped by my blog also, Its nice to see another pilot who had a flying layoff back in the air! My goal once I buy the Mooney is to take a family trip to the Bahama's, I see you have done that already, so maybe I can get some tips when I am ready. happy & safe flying!

  5. Thanks Mark. Anyway I can help just let me know.


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