Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Day

When we bought our first plane, I debated the expense of a hangar over a tie down. I'm lucky compared to some because I had a choice and without regret we chose the expense of a hangar. It's nice to have the plane protected from the elements, secure, and also have an area to store our plane stuff with it. We have been renting a hangar from one of the FBOs for the last three years.

When we bought the Lance, I was worried that it wouldn't fit, but I took plenty of measurements and it did; barely. I only had about 6 inches of clearance on each side of the stabilator. It was also a little hard to get around the wings so usually I just pulled the plane out of the hangar a little to conduct my preflight checks as well as load luggage.

A few weeks ago my instructor mentioned to me that he knew a few owners of the larger condo hangars that had some empty and might be willing to rent.  Sure enough, about a week later a kind gentlemen called me up and we agreed to meet to check out his hangar.  It is perfect!  It's large enough to allow me to walk around the Lance while completely inside, it has a large, motorized bi-fold door, and the rent is a little cheaper than what I had been paying to the FBO.  I spent the afternoon getting everything moved and now 4RM is secure in her new home.  I am a very lucky guy!


  1. Hanger looks great! To bad thats not an option up here where I will be keeping the Mooney...only tie downs. If you ever need aircraft supplies or pilot supplies, email me, I have a side business and the Bloggers/AOPA pilots get discounted! safe & happy flying.

  2. Nice! Enjoy your new "Man Cave" and don't forget to equip with comfy chairs and a grill! (Food grilled at the airport always tastes better)

  3. Found you through Steve and Gary. Yes! You are lucky to have such a great door. I've got a hangar, but would love those electric doors! Ditto on those chairs. Shelves are nice too, for keeping extras and a change of clothes.


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