Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 in the Plane!

My mom is visiting for Thanksgiving so we decided to "fly out" for dinner last night. This was the first time we've had five people in the plane and our Lance performed great! We went to Palm Coast to eat at Hijackers. It has been abnormally warm, even for North Florida weather. Even though the temps are pleasant, the early afternoon flight down was a little bumpy at first, but it settled out pretty quick. Shortly after leveling off at 5,500', we started a gradual descent for the field. Mary did ok, but she really doesn't like being confined to her seat or wearing her hearing protection. The noise isn't to bad so I'm not worried about it right now and other than take-off and landing, she is allowed to happily roam the rear seating area.

We found some nice seats outside and Abby quickly set off for the playground. Since our last visit they have added some nice new swings and teeter-totters. The food was great again. This time I tried their Pasta Carbonara, Kristi had a Chicken Quesadilla, my Mom had the Fried Shrimp Platter, and Abby of course had chicken tenders with fries. I think Abby's favorite part was that her meal came with Oreo cookies! The portions were sizable enough that we all had some leftovers to bring back and enjoy later.

After dinner, while the family strolled on the flight line, I taxied the plane over to the self-serve fuel pump. We loaded up and after a short run-up we were back in the air for the short 25 minute flight home.

The air was smooth and we cruised up the coast and enjoyed the views from 2,800'. The shadows made by the setting sun were pretty cool and we flew right over St Augustine prior to landing back at Craig. It was a nice afternoon of food and flying and I'm thankful the idea for it all came from my wife! Life is good.


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  1. What a great trip it was...thanks for the flightseeing over St. Augustine and the great banking in to land at Palm Coast. But most of all it was fun to fly as 5! Mom


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