Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Burger Run to Palm Coast - KXFL

Even though it seems this cold weather will never end here in NE Florida, Feb 20th finally gave us a little reminder of the way the weather should be. With temps back high enough for shorts and clear skies above, Abby and I found ourselves heading to Flagler County Airport (KXFL), in Palm Coast, Florida for some lunch.

Flagler County is a perfect destination for those $100 Burger Runs. The restaurant, High Jackers, is located right on the field in front of the transient parking ramp. Besides having awesome burgers and other wonderful menu items, you can sit outside and enjoy the views of ramp and field while the kids entertain themselves on the playground.

It was nice to see how busy the airport and restaurant were. The ramp was full of planes and the kind folks from the airport gave us a ride to the gate in their golf cart. KXFL routinely has some of the cheaper fuel prices around, but on this day we got a bonus. They were having a weekend special of 25cents off at the self serve pump. Gotta love that.

The flights down and back were uneventful. It was nice to just go somewhere again. It has been a while since the latest edition to our family, Mary, was born just before Christmas. Hopefully you'll see more activity on this blog soon. We are hoping to take Mary for her first flight very soon and maybe even a family weekend trip shortly thereafter.

Of special note, since the last time I had flown there, KXFL now has a control tower in operation. It was very busy, but I think the controllers did a great job.

Matanzas Inlet and St Augustine

Approaching Craig Field from the South

On Final for Runway 14

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  1. You sir are going to have your hands full with that gorgeous co-pilot :)

    Great pictures as always and a excellent write up. I sure wish Mary and I had some of that wx here in the mid-atlantic!


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