Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Great Customer Service - Pilot-USA.com

When we moved to Jacksonville, FL almost 8 years ago, I was finally able to get back in to flying.  After taking Abby flying for the first time when she was 4, I quickly realized that I didn't have a headset that would really fit her kid head.  So I eventually purchased a pink (of course) Pilot Cadet headset from Pilot Communications USA.  It has been perfect in many respects.  Most importantly it fits, but it also has an aux audio input which has allowed both my girls to listen to their own music, games, movies, etc.

The company still sells this headset and advertises that as you child outgrows it, they will send you a full size headband to replace the child size one free of charge.  After 8 years it was time for me to call.  Only problem was, we somehow managed to lose both the clear plastic pieces on the headband where you adjust and tighten for fit.

Image from Pilot-USA.com w/ my notation
Image from Pilot-USA.com
So I called and explained that I'd like to get the larger headband and buy two replacement pieces for the ones I lost.  I talked to Abram Akradi and he was very pleasant and helpful.  To my complete appreciation, a box arrived from California in just a few days with everything I needed.  On top of all that, no charge.  Not even for shipping!  It was a quick and easy fix/change out and we were back in business.

I am a few months late in sharing this experience, but I wanted to make sure I did.  Positive customer experiences should be shared just as much as any critique.  If someone out there is in need of a child size headset, I highly recommend Pilot-USA.com!

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  1. I really like the guys at Pilot-USA as well, and have been selling their headsets on eBay for several years. Great customer attitude and service.

    I also enjoy selling great Randolph Aviator sunglasses which are also Made in the USA and excellent!


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