Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wow, 6 Years Ago We Became Airplane Owners!!!

It's hard to believe that we have been airplane owners for six years now.  When we bought our Piper Arrow, N7627D, I was a VFR only rated pilot with about 200 hours total flight time.  Since then, I have attained my Instrument Rating, we have moved up to a Piper Lance, and I am about to cross 700 hours total time!  Having a plane has definitely expanded the adventures my family has been able to experience together.

Six years ago I took off from Morris, IL (near Chicago) on a cold January morning.  My first solo flight in this plane would be a long cross country trip to her new home in Jacksonville, FL.  It was a perfect VFR day.  With the exception of the little bit of cloud layer below after I passed Louisville, KY, there was not a cloud in the sky to prevent me from making it home.  On top of that, I enjoyed a big tailwind and 175 knot ground speeds; of course never to be repeated again!

I made a fuel stop in Oneida, TN and enjoyed the few minutes on the ramp eating the sub sandwich I brought along and staring at this beautiful machine that I just couldn't believe was ours!  I called my wife and told her what time I figured I would arrive home and took off for that last leg.

Kristi and Abby were eagerly awaiting my arrival at the FBO at Craig Field to welcome me home and to see our new plane!  I am so thankful Kristi managed to get a little video of my arrival.  As you can tell, Abby was quite excited!

Airplane ownership hasn't been without its stresses, but the joys have been so worth it.  I cant wait to see what new adventures are in store for us in the future!


  1. Where do the years go? Congrats on six years of ownership!

    We are four years and four months into this and at times I still can't believe it's our plane. I could not agree more with your comment, "Airplane ownership hasn't been without its stresses, but the joys have been so worth it. " They have been SO worth it!

  2. Congrats, Geoff! I can't walk into my hangar without pausing to reflect on the fact that the airplane sitting there is MINE! When I was younger, I never even dreamed that I would have my own airplane someday, so it is still unreal.

    And, yeah, there are definitely stresses. But as you and Gary both said, " worth it!"


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