Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Wintry Night Flight

Well, wintry for Florida anyway!  It has been severely clear this week with cooler temps and with the full moon, the sky was just begging me to come up.  It had been a while and I needed the night currency so away I went.  I took off from Craig after sunset and proceeded to Palatka (28J).  When I made the turn to final for runway 9, the moon had risen just above the horizon and was a brilliant orange.  Too bad I couldn't take a picture to do it justice.

The St Johns River, south of Jacksonville

Flying towards Gainsville before turning back towards Palatka (28J)

After Palatka, I proceeded to St Augustine (KSGJ).  I think they installed LED's in their center-line runway lights.  Boy were they bright.

Old Town St Augustine

From there I departed northbound along the beach and headed for home.

Ponte Vedra & South Jacksonville Beach

Beach Blvd looking towards downtown from over the beach

It was a pleasant and smooth flight.  Now that I'm current for night again, it's time to take some folks up that have been asking what it's like at night!


  1. I always enjoy a nice night flight!

    I confess, when I saw the title of your post in my blog feed, I was going to blast you over the use of "wintry" (a "wintry blast", so to speak), but you cleverly defused my comment in the first line of your blog. Well played, sir!

  2. Great night shots Geoff, makes me want to get out there and get current myself.

    "wintry for Florida anyway" Tell him Chris! I'm not feeling a bit of sympathy for Geoff. I have it pretty good, you sir have my condolences planted way up north within reach of the lake effect snow.

  3. I even managed to wear shorts to work today! He he he........ Come on down and visit any time guys! Bring the family!


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