Saturday, August 17, 2013

Resolving A Bluetooth Issue

I posted back in March how I had cancelled my XM Music Radio subscription in favor of an iPod touch to take advantage of my audio panel's Bluetooth feature: (Saving A Little Money).  Up until now it hasn't been a flawless move.  Although my iPhone 4S works flawlessly with both music and phone calls, the 3rd generation iPod touch I bought on eBay hasn't been cooperating.

Here's the problem: while listening to music in-flight, the audio stream cuts in and out almost like a skipping record at times.  I've had no problem pairing the units and playing with things on the ground, but in flight, only the iPod touch does not cooperate.  I tried all the trouble shooting methods from Apple and PS Engineering including resetting the audio panels's memory, but all to no avail.
PMA8000BT (Image by PS Engineering)
I have basically just been "living with it" for the last few months and recently started to research purchasing another alternative.  Luckily, my problem has been resolved and I'm now happily rocking it out in the skies!  Before we left NW Arkansas on Monday, I searched the internet again for help.  I found one entry that recommended to try two things: reset the network settings on the iPod touch and if that didn't work, have the iPod touch forget the device and go through the simple process of pairing and connecting it again.

So as we leveled off in the cool morning air I selected the "Reset Network" option.  I got somewhat excited since upon doing this the unit fully shutdown and then powered back up.  I was hoping this move would zap whatever gremlins were lurking inside the iPod touch and all would be well.  After it powered back up, I selected the audio panel in the Bluetooth menu to connect the two and hit play on some music............didn't work.
iPod Touch (Image by Apple)
So I tried one more thing.  I had the iPod touch "forget this device" and then re-selected and it worked!!!!!  It worked all the way to Key Filed without any hiccups.  When we departed Key Field for home and leveled out in cruise, I connected to the audio panel again and sure enough, it started cutting out.  No worries, I went through the forget device step again and all was well!

So, for those that may be having Bluetooth issues where it appears the music is intermittently cutting out or skipping, try this (for Apple products):

-  Go to Settings
-  Select General
-  Select Bluetooth
-  When you see the device you are trying to pair with, touch the blue arrow pointing right and select "Forget This Device"
-  When you end up back at the Bluetooth menu, select the device you want to connect with and hopefully it will work.

If this works for you too, just remember, you'll have to do it for every new flight.  This may seem like a lot, but the steps only take a few seconds and I am so happy to be able to enjoy my tunes again while flying.   Good luck y'all!

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