Sunday, April 1, 2012

2 Dive Trips This Time!

I always feel spoiled when I can take a day for myself to go diving with Treasure Divers.  This year I got to go twice and I was joined by Karen, a family friend, on the second day.  I met some great folks on this trip.  I met a neat lady from Germany who just recently went on a dive boat holiday in the Galapagos.  I also met a kind family from Ohio and the father and son were using the dive trips to finish up on the open water certifications.  Brent, Treasure Divers' owner, and Sandy always make my experiences memorable, but I truly enjoyed meeting and diving with the other divers this year.

On Monday we got to dive on the northeast side of Great Guana Cay on Turtle Reef and The Cathedral.  We spotted a sea turtle, a beautiful Queen Angelfish, a huge grouper, a stingray, some good size barracuda, and enjoyed some swim-throughs and beautiful reef structures.

On Tuesday, Karen and I got to dive on the wreck of the USS San Jacinto.  The wreck is huge and you can still see the boilers and a lot of the ship's remaining structure.  The entire area is teeming with huge schools of fish.  I found a French Angelfish and the largest Parrot Fish I have ever seen.  Its beak was probably the size of my fist!  After the wreck dive, we shifted back to the area we dove on Monday and did our second dive on The Round Wall.  Here I found an amazing Gray Angelfish.

Originally we were going to make Tuesday's trip an all day adventure with lunch at Nipper's, but the weather dictated otherwise.  With dark skies approaching, we all agreed to head back to Treasure Cay and call it a day.  We made it back to the dock and to our condo just before the brunt of the weather arrived.  I can't wait to go back.  I find something new every time I dive which is really amazing.

Here is a slide show of my dive pics.  If the slide show doesn't work, follow this link to the online album:  Treasure Cay, Spring 2012 Dive Photos


  1. That looks like a blast! I expressed interest in learning to dive a few years ago, to which my wife replied, "one expensive hobby at a time, please." :-)

    Still, looks awfully foreign a world as flying amongst the clouds.

  2. I can respect that, but it actually is quite affordable to get certified and the dive trip cost on vacation is very worth it. That is why I like the Sandal's and Beaches resorts so much. Diving and snorkeling is fully included and they provide all the gear!

    Abby can't wait to be 10 so she can get certified for shallow water diving. If we can ever figure out my wife's ear problems, she'll get certified too. She loves that stuff.

  3. My Survey Level 2 reef diver colleague thinks that your unknown fish is a Jolthead Porgey. Love your work!

    Best wishes,

    PS. We would like to know what kind of camera you used for these dive photos.

  4. Thanks Ed! I am using a Sealife DC1200 Pro. It's basically their 12MP dive camera with their digital external strobe. This is only the second dive trip I've used it on so I'm still trying to figure out the best settings. I like it, but I wish it shot HD video. Their new DC1400 does, but I'm happy for now. Cheers!


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