Thursday, February 9, 2012

Night Currency

I have been itching to get recurrent for night flight for quite a while.  The last time I flew at night was August of last year.  With the full moon and clear skies last night I finally got the chance.  I flew down to Palatka (28J) for a few landings and takeoffs and then departed straight east for the coast.

I flew north along the coast towards St Augustine enjoying the views and some music.  I discovered The Coffee House Channel on XM Radio provided the perfect soundtrack for my evening flight.

A few minutes after flying over St Augustine I was on final straight in for runway 32 at home.

Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beac
With the plane safely put away, I headed for home.  Abby really wants to go flying at night and now we can again!


  1. Geoff, gotta love that full moon! Great pictures. I have never had good luck getting decent pics at night.

  2. Geoff, nice night flight. I love flying at night. The smooth air always makes it nice. Great Pics.

  3. Nice post and great pix. Thanks. I know that you have to maintain currency with a number of special skills - such as night flying. How does one regain it if expired yet without violating? Is it just a no pax thing or more complicated? Do you need a safety pilot or CFI along to do the re-qual? Thanks. -C.

  4. C-
    Yes, legally it's a no pax thing. You must have three takeoffs and landings to a full stop at night within the last 90 days to be current to carry passengers at night. As long as you are legal to fly, you are legal to fly solo at night. If it has been a long time, going up with a CFI might be a good idea.

  5. Great post and pictures, also a reminder to check my log book. Of course I am out of currency for night time flying with pax.

    Add that to the list of things to do! :)


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