Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flying To Help Others

Besides building the list of desired travel destinations, I have been wanting to get involved with some charitable organizations that will allow me to help others with our plane. One such group is Bahamas Habitat. I have had their website bookmarked for a while now. I signed up with them last year to potentially help out when Hurricane Irene barreled through the Bahamas. Unfortunately I was unable to assist then, but I will be next month!

Besides various year-round relief mission and aid flights to the Bahamas and Haiti, Bahamas Habitat organizes a Fly-In & Help Out Event twice a year. My friend Pete from work and I will fly down and participate in the upcoming event over the long Presidents Day Weekend. The Florida rallying point has yet to be determined, but we will be flying in and out of Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera (MYEM) for this event. More details will be forthcoming soon. They will have bunk rooms for the volunteers so it looks like I'm going back to camp............but this time in the Bahamas!

I am really excited about this opportunity to serve and utilize our plane to help some wonderful people. Below is a video about these events:


  1. This looks like a great experience and, like you say, another good reason for having a plane!

  2. Don't remember the name, but there's a nice, if small group that flys some needy animals around the East Coast. A little searching will discover them - they've been blogged out elsewhere. There's also the famous Angeles program. I think they've out grown their britches a bit and don't use other than multi-jets for their "Special Kids." Too bad, because lots of folks with a "C" ticket and smaller aircraft were quite willing to help them. It must be difficult to manage offeres of help, yet be so fussy! You'll find something that is worthy of your time and fuel, so stick with it.


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