Monday, September 5, 2011

Made It Home Safe.......Without The Plane

We had a great Labor Day Weekend in Chattanooga, TN. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for our planned flight home today. I had been watching the weather since we arrived, but TS Lee made itself known a little more than expected. It was forecasted to to bring occasional rain, but when we got up it was HEAVY rain!

I checked the forecasts again, and they continued to call for light to moderate rain, but that was not the acctual conditions. The METAR at Chattanooga Airport was reporting 1/2 mile visibility and 200 foot ceilings with heavy rain and fog. Not exactly something I want to fly in, especially with my family aboard. Knowing I have to be at work tomorrow, I made the only decision possible; to drive home.

We checked out of the hotel, exchanged rental cars and hit the road south. The weather was pretty nasty for driving also. We spent over 9 hours in the car today, but all things considered, everyone did pretty well. Even with Mary being confined to her car seat all day, she didn't completely melt down. The main thing is, we are home safe.

Looks like this coming weekend will be nice so if I can get my partner to cover me at work, I'll drive back up and get our plane. Oh yeah, I'll work on the pictures this week and do the write-up on our visit as soon as possible.

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