Thursday, August 25, 2011

Praying For The People Of The Bahamas

Hurricane Irene has already caused widespread damage to the Southeastern and Central Bahamas. It looks like the eye may have passed right over North Eleuthera this morning and is targeting The Abacos today. The predicted track puts Irene right over Marsh Harbor and Great Guana Cay. This would put the eye just to the east of Treasure Cay, but I'm afraid not far enough east to limit the effects.

We had actually started to make inquires to go back to Treasure Cay for the upcoming Labor Day weekend prior to Irene forming way out in the Atlantic. We might still go depending on the aftermath of today's events. Anyway, we are praying for all the wonderful people of the Bahamas. Sidney, we hope to see you very soon! Stay safe.

Today's midday satellite image overlaid with our normal flight path to Treasure Cay:


  1. I am praying too! Thanks for the you know how bad Treasure was hit today? we have family that has a home right on the water and some of their neighbors were there riding the storm out:( no word yet from them... i know power is out(not unusual though) but just trying to get some hope...that not all is lost. thx in advance
    Robyn Bowen

  2. No word yet as of this morning. Reports from surrounding areas in The Abacos is the "it could have been worse." Lots of trees down, some flooding, etc, but nothing specific on Treasure Cay yet. I'll post as soon as I get news. Thanks.

  3. Please do keep us informed with what you hear.

  4. Could you find out about Treasure Cay Marina, I had to leave my boat there and no word yet ?? Also Black Sound Marina Green Turtle Bahamas,
    have many friends there and cant get a hold of .

    Thank You Very Much

  5. Still no word yet. I'll post as soon as I hear. All the best.

  6. My father in law lives at Royal Palms. I just got off the phone with Captain Forty. Everyone is fine. No damage to condos. One of our boats lost its outriggers and the planks from dad's lot dock are on their way to North Carolina :-). Please pass this on to anyone that has been asking. Electric and phones still out. Dad will be on the has a the marina. Hope this helps for those looking for information about Treasure Cay.


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