Monday, March 14, 2011

Delayed Due To Weather

We had planned to fly home today, but Mother Nature had other plans.  After a great weekend with family and friends along with some decent weather, a frontal system blew through last night leaving unfavorable conditions for our flight home.  There is, in my opinion, an impassable line of thunderstorms this morning to the southeast and the temperatures have really dropped creating warnings for moderate icing conditions aloft from here to the other side of the cold front.  It has been IFR conditions here all day with low ceilings and reduced visibility at times in drizzle.

I don't mind flying in the clouds, in the rain, shooting approaches, and dodging thunderstorms as long as I can see them and remain well clear.  What I will not do is tangle with embedded thunderstorms or icing and both of those conditions will remain an issue for the rest of today.  So I called my boss and made the safe and only decision; we are staying put for at least another day.  Hey, at least we get to help celebrate Logan's 6th birthday today!!!!


  1. Great report. Glad your boss understands. Enjoy yourself in safety. The sun will shine another day!

  2. Good choice! The owner of my airport is fond of saying, "time to spare? Go by air!". It's his way of reminding me not to do anything stupid on trips.

    Best wishes for a safe trip home.

  3. Doesn't it feel good to make those kind of difficult, but safe decisions? You should be proud. I've stayed longer a couple times myself -- helps to have a boss who gets it.

  4. Great "no-go" call....never a good time to launch with minimum number of outs if needed. As Liz said...the sun will shine another day! Have a safe trip home.


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