Sunday, May 9, 2010

Staniel Cay, Bahamas - Day Five

As predicted, the winds had increased and were now out of the west. We headed off for breakfast and found out that maybe around noon we might be able to take a boat out. The winds were forecasted to subside after lunch for a while before the front was expected to come through later in the day.

We decided to take it easy around the yacht club for the morning and enjoyed a hot lunch at the bar for a change. Just as it is for dinner, the portions are fit for a king! I had the Conch Bits with fries and Dad had their Club Sandwich with fries. Delicious! Just as we finished lunch we were told we could take a boat out for a bit, but to stay close. I asked what close was and they said Pipe Cay. Perfect! All we wanted was one more trip to the sandbar.

We arrived at the sandbar east of Little Pipe Cay in about 25 minutes and this time we made it at low tide. We set off looking for treasures, but couldn't help keeping an eye to the north as the sky was looking more and more threatening. We found a few treasures and another Helmet again, but not one we could take since the animal was still in it. Even though we had been keeping a good eye on the clouds, we both noticed the approaching weather was looking a little more ominous and we decided it was definitely time to go!

No sooner were we back in the boat heading south for Staniel Cay did the calm air turn to strong, cold winds leading from the frontal clouds. Our smooth ride was over and the real adventure began. We tried to stay in some of the protected areas, but had to transit some open areas to get back and with the increasing winds and strong opposing currents, the seas were getting angry!

Well it really wasn't that bad, but it sure seemed like it for a while. The Boston Whaler boat we had is unsinkable by design and let me just say we took on enough sea water to give the girl a good go. She preformed excellently and we trudged along safely making it back to the yacht club. My dad may be a retired Army land lubber, but he's a Salty Dog now! I unloaded the boat and dad went up to make sure we got our dinner order in on time. And since we just had quite an amazing little adventure, I suggested to Dad he might want to bring 2 large Rum Punches back from the bar! He graciously obliged. We finished our drinks and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon while we watched the rain and thunderstorms come through.

Our final dinner for our stay was fabulous as always. Dad just couldn't get enough of the lobster, but I decided to go with the steak again. The dining room was a little quieter that night since a lot of folks had left and many of the yachts had departed seeking more sheltered moorings. No worries though, it was a quiet rest of the evening and we enjoyed talking on the porch a little more and began packing for the following day's trip home. As with every night of our stay, I slept very well.

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